Don't expect your lover to love you the way you do, it will make him tired.


People who know love often strengthen their upward will and enterprising spirit because of the sublimation of love.


Girl, remember, no one is worth your tears. And those who deserve your tears will never make you cry.


Although we face each other day and night, although we live in each other's hearts, we are only peaceful friendship. I can only hold your tears, but not your heart.


Love is not indulgence but tolerance; love is not spoiling but caring; love is not love alone but mingling with each other; love is not all sweet but can let you experience all kinds of tastes.


A scar burned on a good face is broken in one's life; a little ink on a white dress is worn out.


Self-love is far from a weakness. This definition is appropriate. A person who knows how to love himself properly can do everything else properly.


Love yourself before you love others. Someone is waiting for you to love.


Give you the cage of freedom, give you the cage of love, let you willingly perch in my hands.


True water is fragrant, true love is speechless, true love is from the heart of care and care, true love is bit by bit of plain and firm.


I will love myself well, I think, maybe nothing is happier than loving myself.


Honey, for you, I can catch turtles in the next five oceans for nine days. Because that month is you, that turtle is you.


As long as a person loves his motherland and has a patriotic heart, everything can be solved. All suffering and grievances can be tolerated.


To get the happiness of love, please learn how to make each other happy like a god.


The joy of love cannot end in a passionate embrace. Love must have a constant quality. Love yourself and each other.


The highest value of humanitarian ethics is not self-sacrifice, not selfishness, but self-love; it is not to deny the inp>


Man can feel the pleasure and pain of the body, so he avoids the former and seeks the latter. It is this constant escape and search that I call self-love.


Vanity is the mother and affectation is the daughter; vanity is evil and affectation is punishment. The former is the root of self-love, the latter is the fruit of self-love.


Maybe we didn't live up to what we wanted to be, but we should love ourselves better because it's unique!


A wise woman is a woman who knows how to love herself. She not only makes her life quality and sentiment, but also knows how to invest in youth and beauty.


Don't start with men. Firstly, you can't move him; secondly, the man you do with must be a madman. So, it's better not to move.


Only through self-love, self-control and guidance of life can we derive the p>


Dear myself, there is only one you in the world. Even if no one knows how to appreciate you, you should love yourself.


Some people may not fall in love with others all their lives, because they love themselves too much.


Learn to love yourself and spoil yourself. There is a person who will never abandon you. This person is you.


The extreme of life, the heartless, the extreme of love, so that there is no such extreme container to fill the world.


Women love themselves and the world. Women love beauty and men.


For me, the meaning of life is to put oneself in the place of others, worry about others'worries, and enjoy others' happiness.


There is no forever in the world. All we can have is a simple and warm fate.


I love my weeds, but I hate the ground decorated with weeds.


When you said those three words, all the flowers in the world bloomed in a flash.


True love is the mutual agreement of the hearts of both sides. No one can comment on it.


To the person who exists, if the lover disappears, the love will also disappear. It belongs to you and only belongs to you forever.


Anyway, a person's corruption is always unforgivable. The more nobody loves him, the more he loves himself.


Love your motherland. That is to say, we should yearn for the motherland to be the embodiment of human ideal, and do our best to promote this point.


You are a treasure in my hand, so I will never give you a chance to fall from my hand.


If you really can't help loving someone who doesn't love you, it's because you don't know how to love yourself.


Although the joy of love is sweet, it can only survive where glory and virtue exist.


The main method of patriotism is to love what you do.


As long as people live, the only desire that will never disappear is self-love.


If a man starts to neglect you, please leave him. Men who do not know how to cherish you should not give up for it, let alone continue to pay your tenderness and love.


Being born beautiful or not is just the way God tests women.


Women have a hundred thousand charms and hundreds of millions of amorous feelings. And no matter what kind of beauty a woman has, it comes from her love for herself.


Love can't tolerate any hypocrisy and deception, just as the eyes can't tolerate sand.